With tremendous support from our community, partnerships, and donors --
Boone Beginnings has become a reality!

Boone Beginnings is now open!

Our Journey

Over 80% of our donations have come from local donors.  Here is what some of them have to say!

Applied Connective donated to Boone Beginnings because…

“we believe Boone Beginnings is an investment in the future of Boone County. A wonderful new facility such as this will undoubtedly strengthen our local economy and be a powerful tool in terms of recruitment and population retention, as young working families will be more attracted to the area and capable parents who previously opted to stay at home for lack of childcare will be emboldened to rejoin the workforce.”

-Ed Knott, Applied Connective

Town and Country Vet Clinic donated to Boone Beginnings because…

“we felt it was important to support this project due to the need for early childhood education. We are excited to see this facilitate the incoming of young families as well as helping out those already within the community, including our employees.”

-Jeremy & Cody, Town and Country Vet Clinic

Sentinel is proud to be partnered with Boone Beginnings

“to bring this project from vision to reality. This project will fulfill a need for Albion and surrounding communities and Sentinel is happy to be able to have contributed to making this happen. The Boone Beginnings team needs to be commended for the hard work and dedication to bringing this project to fruition and Sentinel thanks everybody for their efforts. Sentinel looks forward to the completion of this project and the benefits it will bring for many in the future.”

-Scott Stuhlmiller , AGI Sentinel