Fire away!

We know a project of this magnitude stirs conversation and spurs some questions among the community, and we’re happy to answer them! If you have a question that’s not listed below, click here to submit your query to us. We’ll be happy to continue the conversation with you directly.

Who will own Boone Beginnings?

Boone Beginnings will be owned and operated as a non-­profit, and already has IRS 501(c)(3) non-­profit status. A board will oversee the center with a director running the day to day operations.

What type of business will this be?

Boone Beginnings will be owned and operated as a non-­profit, and already has IRS 501(c)(3) non-­profit status. A board will oversee the center with a director running the day to day operations.

Where will Boone Beginnings be located?

The property is located adjacent to the Good Samaritan facility south of the assisted living. This will provide opportunities for intergenerational collaboration between residents and children.

Will the center affect our property taxes? How will the center be paid for?

This center will not be supported by taxes or the school district nor will there be any Tax Increment Financing requested. A number of funding sources will be utilized to pay for the construction of the building. Those include Federal and State grant programs, private foundations, fundraising, etc. Families who use the center will pay for the services of the center, just like they pay any other child care provider. The center’s rates will be in line with the rates charged by other child development centers in central NE without competing with our local providers.

Why is it so big?

This will not be at full capacity in the first few years and will fill in over time. Beyond that, we expect community improvements, like this and other recent initiatives, to attract more families to the area, so we are prepared to accommodate them.

We've never had a facility like this before and been fine. Why do we need it now?

Based on data from the census, local school districts, and DHHS, there are 80 children under the age of 6 with all available parents working who do not have access to licensed childcare in Boone County. Several current providers have indicated retiring or leaving the field in the next five years. The link between high quality early childhood programming and success rates in school continues to grow. Research illustrates how crucial these early experiences are for children to thrive long term and into adulthood.

Where are these kids now (the 80 children who are not being served)?

These kids are: 1) with relatives or friends, 2) with a parent who is unable to work or go to school, 3) not living in our community due to the lack of care, and 4) many of these children qualify for subsidized childcare. Current providers typically do not accept this because it is cost prohibitive. The center will be able to serve a number these children.

Why is this located in Albion? Why aren't you building in every community?

As responsible stewards of donated dollars, the center must be located where it will serve the most children, and it is not feasible to construct and operate more than one center simply due to budget and fundraising. Albion holds the largest population and number of jobs in the county. It is the hub for infrastructure in Boone County.

How will this negatively impact the communities outside of Albion (encourage people to leave or negatively impact business)?

We don't expect that it will. There are not existing providers in these communities, so families are already leaving their home community for childcare. Currently people CHOOSE to live in the surrounding communities because it is home, not because of the amenities of one community over another. This center will not change that perspective. (Use Boone Central and Petersburg school consolidation as a positive example.) The center will be a county-­wide benefit, attracting families and businesses to Boone County as a whole.

Who will you hire when hiring is already a challenge felt across businesses in Boone County?

This question and answer come full circle. The challenge local employers face in hiring is directly impacted by the lack of childcare. Reliable childcare will increase the volume and talent level of candidates for hire in all positions.

How will this impact current providers?

The capacity of the center has been scaled to consider this factor. By serving 80 children, it is simply covering the “gap” of children not currently being served by licensed providers within Boone County. Furthermore, we expect the center to positively benefit providers, as it will create a network of support to other providers as a hub for training, curriculum, and general resources. Parents will have a choice between home-­based and center-­based care. BOTH can be high-quality options.